What We Do

Recycled Sports Gear” (Jan 2019)

We receive

We gather new & used sports gear, especially balls to put back out into our community to local kids especially those who are unable to access or purchase their own.   Items come to us via our sporting code organisations and the greater community via collection bins around our region.

We redistribute  

Every item we gratefully receive is recorded, checked over, given a bit of love (cleaned, balls pumped up).    Via targeted Partner Organisations in our community we reach children who need a sports ball to keep for their own use at home, in the weekends, during school holidays.   We enclose a little note to say hi, a few fun technical tips and games, and a couple of other goodies to help use their ball.  We also connect sneakers and football/rugby boots to children as requested by our Partner Organisations.

Via our Partner Organisations we also reach targeted schools to check in on their PE shed supply and top up any item that may be needed.

We also redistribute gear to reach children and families through local community organisations such as Sport Manawatu’s Active Families programme and “Welcoming Communities”.

Please get in touch if you would like to receive sports gear or a particular item.

Recent redistribution, Whanganui – December 2017

“I have received so much positive feedback from the students, teachers and families about the sports balls and equipment in the bags.  All are so grateful and blown away with the generosity.  The children that received these are all sports mad and have played and played with their gifts at home and in the community”

(Principal, primary school in Palmerston North, December 2017)