what gear can I donate?

What gear can I donate? 

Rugby & touch rugby balls, footballs, netballs, basketballs, shin pads, sprig boots, sneakers, tennis balls and racquets, hockey sticks, balls and shin pads, badminton racquets, cricket bats, balls and pads.

 We believe every pre-loved & used piece of sports equipment has it’s own tale to tell.  If you would like to share a couple of technical tips, a crazy fun game played with family & friends,  a ball or bat that has been handled by some pretty amazing sporting hands, we’d love to hear about it!  Please include a note at drop off, we’ll be sure this is passed on and shared with other Kiwi kids

Is there any gear you can’t take? 

Unfortunately due to the limitations to receive & re distribute some gear, we are regretfully unable to accept ski/snow gear, roller skates, skateboards, trophies, corporate branded clothing, golf bags and clubs.  For all bicycles please get in touch as we can advise of some third party options for donation.  If we receive gear we’re unable to re distribute it will be passed on to a local charity.

Can I find out who receives my gear?

We reach a number of kids and their families through various channels.  Due to privacy we don’t release specific names, details & photos unless the recipient is happy for us to do so.

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