About Us

REPLAY started in February 2017, founded by The McLean family (Millie, Lucy, Mum & Dad) in Palmerston North.  Upon having a clean out at home one weekend a corner of the garage was found to be accruing a steady supply of out-grown, pre-loved, un used sports gear.

Rather than hang onto the gear, it was decided to reach other Kiwi kids and families who may need a hand with accessing sports equipment to help their child be more involved with their sport.   Mum Denise, with a  marketing background, made a few phone calls, set up a website and before too long 48 bundles of gear were making their way to some local active Kiwi kids.  This was the start of REPLAY.

Fast forward 12 months later, over 1800 pieces of sports equipment – mostly balls, boots, bats, sticks, shin pads and sneakers, have been received and redistributed within our community.   With the same goal – reaching Kiwi kids and families, keeping kids active and participating in sport and helping the environment along the way too.

Family collect olds sports gear for kids who don’t have it / Stuff NZ”  November 2017